Lady Barons vs. Altoona 2nd Half

December 3, 2009

Cara Mitchell inbounds the ball to Donovan to begin the second half.

Franciscan calls a :30 timeout with 19:18 remaining.

Carroll with a layup with 18:36 remaining. Assist from Nardozza. Altoona leads 19-12.

Lucas hits a layup  with 17:50 remaining. Assist to Glasser. Altoona21-12.

Nardozza hits a layup with 17:23 remaining. 23-12

Franciscan calls a full time out at 17:11.

Carroll hits the layuup in the lane. 16:43 remaining. 25-12.

Mitchell with a 3. 25-15. First time Franciscan had a chance to set up the offense

Thomas makes a layup with 16:00 remaining. 27-15.

Viancourt called for a foul at halfcourt on Nardozza.  Her first. franciscan 1.

Carroll hits a lay up 29-15

Mitchell called for a foul. Mitchell 3. Franciscan 2.

Carroll makes a tough lay up at 14:40. Altoona steal sthe inbounds Holker scores on a layup. Assist to Carroll. 33-15. 14:26 remain.

Carroll with a tear drop fromt eh middle of the lane. she is on FIRE. 35-15.

Thomas called for a shooting foul on Viancourt. Thomas 2. Altoona 1. Viancourt misses the first makes the second. 35-16. 13:33 remaining.

Glasser hits a lay up with 13:20 remaining. 37-16 Altoona.

Weber called for a foul on Glasser with 12:41 remaining. Blasser goes 1/2. 38:16.

Nardozza to the line goes ½. 38-16 Franciscan 3. didn’t see who the foul was called against.

Henneberry called for a foul at 12:03. Henneberry 5. Franciscan 4.

Belleque hits a jumber with 11:32 remaining. 38-18

Glasser called for a reach on Weber with 11:20 remaining. Glasser 4. Alttona 2.

Lady Barons called for a shot clock violation at 10:22 and call a :30 timeout.

Weber called for a foul on Nardozza. Weber 4. Franciscan 5. 9:18 remain. Nardozza misses both.

Cara Mitchall called for a foul on Lucas. Mitchell 4. Franciscan 6. Lucas makes both. 40-18 with 9:00 remaining.

Cara Mitchell fouls Thomas at 8:45. She fouls out. Franciscan 7. Cait Donovan replaces Mitchell on the floor. Thomas goes ½, 41-18 Altoona.

Winkle hits a runner along the baseline at 8:14. 41-20.

Thomas hits a lay up of the inbounds at 8:04. 43-20.

Weber hits a jumper at 7:25. 43-22.

Winkle called for a charge at 7:06. Altoona calls a full timeout.

Winkle called for a foul on #3 Tiffany Seasoltzwith 7:03 remaining. Winkle 1. Franciscan 8. Misses the first hits the second. 44-22.

14 Kate Geriak called for a foul at 6:31, her first. Altoona 6.

Belleque called for a foul on Glasser with 6:22 remaining. Belleque 1. Franiscan 9.  Glasser makes both. 46-22.

12 Kristen Kos makes a layup with 5:33 remaining. Assist to Seasoltz. 48-22.

Glasser fouls Weber with 5:22 remaining. Glasser 4. Altoona 7. Weber misses the free throw.

Nardozza called for a reach on Winkle with 5:02 remaining.  Nardozza 2. Aloona 8. Winkle makes both attempts. 48-24.

31 Sarah Clemente called for a foul on Holker with 4:49 remaining. Makes first, misses second. 49-24. Clemente 1. Franciscan 10.

Franciscan calls a full time out with 4:05 remaining.

Geriak makes a layup at 3:35. Carroll with a beautiful assist. 51-24

Lucas called for a foul at 3:20 on Clemente. Lucas 4. Altoona 9.  Clemente misses both attempts

Geriak returns the favor for Carroll with a great assist bounce pass as Carroll makes a lay up with 2:19 remaining. 53-24

Clemente hits a layup with 2:09 remaining. 53-26

Clemente hits a layup at 1:17 and draws a foul, but misses the attempt.  53-28

Geriak with a layup at :32 remaining. 55-28.

Lady Barons are defeated by Penn State Atloona 55-28.


In Game Blog Franciscan Lady Barons Basketball Vs. Penn State Altoona 1st Half.

December 2, 2009

The Lady Baron’s Starting Line up tonight is

Sarah Viancourt #30

Marian Weber #15

Caitlin Donovan #2

Jess Belleque # 12

Cara Mitchell #25

Tip off is at 6:07 pm won by Penn State Altoona.

Cara Mitchell put the Lady Barons up 2-0 with 18:35 remaining in the first half.

#34 Alicia Glasser called for the foul on  Donovan with 17:27 remaining. Donovan misses both from the line.

Glasseer 1 foul. Altoona 1 foul.

#22 Marissa Lucaswith a block on Cara Mitchell along the baseline.

Cara Mitchell called for a foul against Alicia Glasser.

Mitchell 1 foul. Franciscan 1 foul.

Cara Mitchell fouls Glasser again in the lane.This time Glasser gets to shoot from the line.Glasser makes both shots. Ties it up 2-2. 14:11 reaming in 1st half.

Mitchell 2. Franciscan 2

Altoona plays a half court press in thFranciscan side of the court before collapsing to a 2-3 zone defense.

Belleque hits a jumper. her foot was on the line so its 2. Francsian leads 4-2 with 13:24 remaining.

Weber gets called for a foul away from the ball with 13:18 remaining.

Weber 1. Franciscan 3.

Jordan Henneberry called for a foul with 12:39 remaining. Henneberry 1. Franciscan 4.

Franciscan needs to be careful and watch out for fouls.They are getting caught off gaurd by Altoona’s speed.

Full time out called by Franciscan 12:39.

#44 Tamara Thomas called for the foul on Henneberry with 12:05 remaining.

Thomas 1. Altoona 2

Henneberry called for an offensive foul. Henneberry 2. Franciscan 5.

Lucas called for a foul away from the ball. Lucas 2. Altoona 3.

#34 Glasser with a shooting foul. Weber to the line, goes 0/2. Galsser 1. Altoona 4.

When the Lady Barons can get their feet set on D, they are playing a 3-2 zone.

#20 Samantha Holker hits a three pointer for Altoona. Altoona leads 5-4 8:41 reamaining in the half.

Weber called for a block in the lane by the free throw line. odd call. Weber 2. Franciscan 7. 8:10 remaining.

Belleque hits a 12 foot jump shot from a long the baseline. Franciscan leads 6-5. 5:22 remaining in the half.

Holker hits a jump shot from the lane.

Henneberry answers quickly for Franciscan with a jump shot of her own. Franciscan leads 8-7 4:27 remaining in half. Altoona takes a :30 time out.

Lucas gets called for a shooting foul against 30 Sarah Viancourt. 3:24 remaing. Viancourt makes the first misses the second. francscan leads 9-7

Lucas scores  tying it up with 3 minutes left in the half.

Lucas hits a 3 from the left elbow. 2:21 remaining. 12-9 Altoona leads.

Holker hits a 3 from the top of the key. 1:40 remaining. 15-9 Altoona.

# 24 Courtney Carroll fouls Hennebery. Henneberry misses the first hits the second. Carroll 1. Altoona 5.

Glasser hacks at a pass intended for Viancourt and picks up a foul. Viancourt makes both shots. 15-12 Altoona. Glasser 2. Altoona 6.  :43 remaining.

Holker hits a jumper with :21 remaining. Altoona leads 17-12.

Henneberry trips and falls int he lane. Carroll falls over her. Foul on Henneberry. Henneberry 3. Franciscan 8.

Halftime Stats.

Holker has 10 points for Altoona.

Belleque has 4 for Franciscan.

Both teams played sloppy, but Altoona plays better when they pick up the pace. The catch the Lady Barons out of position and at the end of the half were able to hit the open shots.

Can ‘Mayweather vs. Pacquiao’ Save Boxing?

November 16, 2009

Words can not express the joy of Boxing fans at the sight of the headline.


“Floyd Mayweather to fight Manny Pacquiao”


Unfortunately the article gives some clarification to the headline, “they will fight, eventually. They probably won’t even fight each other as their next opponents.”


Great, the one thing that can save the sport of Boxing in its bitter ratings rivalry with Mixed Martial Arts, is conjecture.


Pacquiao is coming off destroying Miguel Cotto over the weekend, and boxing’s greatest hype-man/self-promoter is finding every excuse to not give the fans the fight they want to see. (Boxing’s greatest hype-man/self-promoter is Mayweather, it is no longer Don King)


The fact is, MMA has surpassed Boxing in popularity for a variety of reasons, it is on basic cable, it is televised on a regular basis, and there are a lot of white MMA fighters.


The biggest boxers right now are not from America, and the ones who are, are not white. It seems as though each nationality has their own champion they root for. Floyd Mayweather for African-Americans, Pacquiao for the Philipinos, Cotto is a favorite of the Puerto Ricans, and the Mexicans still cling to Oscar De La Hoya even in retirement. The only white fighters I can think of are the UK’s Ricky Hatton and the Ukraine’s Vitali Klitschko.


The simple fact is the fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather would easily make race a non-issue because of what an epic fight it could be.


Mayweather is still in and out of retirement and is not getting younger. Pacquiao is at his peek and if this fight is truly going to happen, a date for the match needs to be set within three months in order to give it the amount of hype it deserves.


Normally everyone is annoyed by the pay-per-view Boxing commercials, but even its ridiculousness, it is the only way to give this potential fight the build up it deserves.




How I Would Organize This Year’s College Football Playoffs

November 9, 2009

Yes, I am well aware that there is no college football playoff system…. but if the season ended today, here is how I would organize the 16 team playoff bracket.

  1. SEC Champion- Florida
  2. BIG 12 Champion- Texas
  3. BIG 10 Champion- Iowa
  4. Pac-10 Champion- USC
  5. Big East Champion- Cincinnati
  6. ACC Champion- Georgia Tech
  7. Mountain West Champion- TCU
  8. WAC Champ- Boise
  9. Conference USA Champ- Houston
  10. At Large Bid- Alabama
  11. At Large Bid- Pittsburgh
  12. At Large Bid- Miami
  13. At Large Bid- LSU
  14. At Large Bid-Ohio State
  15. At Large Bid- Utah
  16. At Large Bid- Oregon

Why the Lakers Will Not Repeat

November 1, 2009

Watching the Los Angeles Lakers this year, you can already begin to some trends developing with this team.

Even though it is still very early in the year, if these things are not corrected the Lakers will not be able to repeat as NBA Champions.

So far, the most glaring difference between this year’s team and the last year’s Champions is the position of Small Forward.

The Lakers lost Trevor Ariza to free agency when he wanted more money and left for Houston.

So, to replace him, the Lakers signed league bad-boy Ron Artest.

While many Laker fans were thrilled with the swap after seeing how well Artest defended Kobe in the playoffs last year, but I maintain that Ariza brought much more to the team.

Ariza was a better 3-point shot, better defensively, more clutch, and did not have a bad reputation with all the league’s referees.

Artest is also 30 years old and Trevor Ariza is a spry 25.

Another thing that is preventing the Lakers from being a better team is how Phil Jackson is still relying on Derek Fisher.

Fisher is 35 years old and while experience is always good the Point Guard position, he is can not play as many minutes and his shooting is not as consistent as it used to be.

The Lakers have options at the Point with Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar, the problem is that both players are considered to be more of scoring type players instead of being true Point Guards.

It is not that Brown and Farmar can not be true Point Guards, it is just that it is not their strengths and Phil would much rather prefer true Point Guards who can feed the ball to Kobe.

True, through the first two games the Lakers have been without Center/Power Forward Pau Gasol, but Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, and Ron Artest are expensive enough as a front court to not need Gasol to be solid.

Right now the Lakers are not poised to make a run at the title, but you can not forget the arguably most important piece to last year’s championship team, General Manager Mitch Kupchack.

Two years ago, Kupchack made the trade for Gasol and got rid of under-achieving Kwame Brown.

Last year Kupchack traded away the inconsistent playing Vladimir Radmonovic in a deal for Shannon Brown.

If the Lakers are going to make a run at repeating this year, Kupchak will need to make another miracle deal.

NHL Analysis

October 25, 2009

We are about 1/8 of the way through the NHL season and I figured it was about time I showed some love to the skaters.

The Real Deal

(Teams who are as good as they appear to be)

  • Penguins- defending Stanley Cup champs are poised to make another run at the cup. They have only two losses and are probably the most balanced team in the NHL.
  • Washington- they have the best player in the NHL and have the most aggressive playing style of any team.
  • Rangers- Marian Gaborik has been healthy for more than five games in a row. Amazing! The play a unique style that is both gritty and finesse.
  • Blackhaws- the other dynamic duo of Kane and Toews are proving to be exciting. The only question is Cristobal Huet in goal.
  • Avalanche- this team is the story of the year. Sakic retired and everyone thought they were going to be terrible. Matt Duschene and Ryan O’Rielly are two exciting 18 year-olds, and Craig Anderson was the biggest steal of all time in net.
  • Sharks- Dany Heatly, Joe Thornton, and all the rest of that scoring power have the Sharks on a one way road to the playoffs. The veteran D is a little shaky though.
  • Kings- they having the leading goal scorer and points leader in Anze Kopitar(10G, 11A, 21 Point). Jonathan Quick is the first legitimate number one goaltender for them in a long time.

The Jury is Still Out

(Teams who are playing well now, but may not keep it up)

  • Thrashers- Ilya is playing well, so is Antropov, but can there are a lot of no-names.
  • Sabres- Ryan Miller is carrying this team
  • Senators- Heatly trade may have worked out for both teams involved.
  • Stars- veteran team, veteran goaltender, terrible coach
  • Coyotes- Dave Tippett is a much better coach than Wayne Gretzky. If this team wants to stay in Phoenix they need to make the playoffs and get out of the first round

The Surprisingly Slow

(Teams who should be playing better)

  • Red Wings- they lost some talent and have dealt with some injuries. Even still they will be in the playoffs because they are the Red Wings
  • Ducks- most people expected them to be better even though they trade Chirs Pronger for very little and are messing with J.S. Giguerre’s psyche.
  • Canucks- what on earth has happened to Roberto Luongo this year?
  • Bruins- Phil Kessel trade may have been bad for both teams
  • Canadiens- team with a great first line, they still don’t know what to do with the other lines however.

Throwbacks… The Good, The Bad, and the Way Too UGLY!

October 19, 2009

You will be hard pressed to find someone who is as big a fan of throwback uniforms as me.

I love seeing the old-school uniforms on the field, in my closet, or draping a team’s die hard fan.

Even despite my love for classic jerseys, there are some jerseys that were done away with for a reason.

The Good

The best of the NFL’s AFL throwback season would have to undoubtedly be the Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, and the Tennessee Titans (as the Houston Oilers.)

The Bills should just make these throwback uniforms their everyday uniform. It is a classic, clean look that really speaks to the team’s history( because lets face it, there is not much to appreciate about the team this year other than the history.) The Bills everyday uniform looks like something Optimus Prime would have designed

The Bad

There are a few uniforms that are less than stellar for representing the AFL. For instance, the New York Jets (as the New York Titans,) and the Kansas City Chiefs (as the Dallas Texans.)

My biggest beef with these two jerseys is that they are too simple and not genuinely reflective of the teams they are today. True, the Titans are wearing the Oiler uniforms, but that change in the team’s name and location occurred about 10 years. The Jets and Chiefs became the Jets and the Chiefs 39 and 37 years ago, respectively.

Each of these uniforms are uninspired and don’t really bring to mind the legends of the originations. No Joe Namath or Len Dawson.

The Ugly… and I mean Ugly!

There is only one team that is wearing the ugliest uniforms of all time as a throwback this season (excluding the Toronto Blue Jays, every uniform they have ever worn is ugly,) the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos’ uniforms are so disgusting they can only be described as a myriad of comparisons.

First, the helmet seems to have been inspired by someone who was a friend of Paul Brown, but whose alma mater just happened to be the University of Alabama.

Second, the color scheme is atrocious! Who thought that white, brown, and yellow were the colors of a football team? Those are the colors you expect to see when you are changing a diaper.

Finally, the socks look like the a homage to the early Beach Boys.

Ultimately, I love what the NFL is doing by having the AFL teams where the old uniforms, but those Bronco uniforms do nothing for the team. Why not wear the old John Elway blue and orange?

Is the West Coast the Best Coast for the World Series?

October 11, 2009

Today the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California Under the Ownership of Artie Moreno Playing Baseball beat the Boston Red Sox to complete a sweep of their American League Division Series.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Dodgers (notice the lack of additional title) finished their sweep of the St.  Louis Cardinals.

With dominating performances from both Los Angeles area teams, are they the favorites for World Series?

Simply put, yes and no.

Yes because these are the two hottest teams who are showing that they are capable of beating any opponent in the next round of the playoffs.

Both teams have good starting pitching (even though most would agree the Angles have the edge over the Dodgers), and stellar bullpens.

Both teams have outfields which feature the game’s two most exciting centerfielders in Torii Hunter and Matt Kemp. Each team’s center fielder is complemented by aging star power in Manny Ramirez, Vladimir Guerrero, and Bobby Abreu.

Both teams pulled off exciting come from behind ninth inning wins in their respective Division Series.

Perhaps the most important thing about each team is that they both play mistake free defense.

The Dodgers had the 6th best team fielding percentage in the entire league, while the Angels were right behind in 7th.

With both teams proving to be tailor-made for the postseason, how could they not be a favorite?

The two Los Angeles teams are not favorites for FOX and East Coast baseball fans.

While Los Angeles is the nation’s second largest media market, I am sure that FOX would feel like they would have a tough time drumming up interest from other parts of the country.

While the freeway rivalry would be exciting, most fans across the country are salivating at the opportunity to see Joe Torre take on his former team the New York Yankees in the Fall Classic.

The fans on the East Coast are going to suffer greatly, not only because a team from their part of the country is not playing, but because most people are not going to be able to watch the games because of the unreasonable hour that the games will be shown at.

FOX will give prime time billing on the West Coast which would mean they would go on-air around 7:00 p.m. PSTand not throw the first pitch until around 8:15 p.m.PST.

Meaning that people across the country, and on the East Coast especially, are going to be getting know sleep over the course of the series due to the ridiculously late start time. (probably around 11:15 p.m. EST.)

While most people in Southern California will be estatic over the potential Freeway Series, people all over the rest of the country would assume that baseball would be over should the east coast teams be eliminated… Let’s face it, they will not watch it. Most likely because they can not unless they are working a graveyard shift at a job with a television.

Why the IOC Made the Right Decision

October 5, 2009

First of all, let me say that this particular blog is in no way connected to me feeling unpatriotic or having a lack of pride in my country. It has to do with being a fan of the Olympics.

Last week the International Olympic Committee decided to give the 2016 Summer Olympic Games to Rio de Janeiro instead of Chicago. While many here in America were hopeful of bringing the games back to America in 7 years, I feel that the IOC made the right call in giving the games to Rio.

I feel that the IOC was correct in their decision for three reasons. The first reason is that the United States has hosted the Olympics a total of eight times (4 summer, 4 winter). One of the exciting things about the Olympics is being able to live vicariously in another part of the world through your television. Another set of Olympic Games in America would have been borderline redundant for fans of the Olympics. Since 1980 the U.S. has hosted the Olympics 4 times (1980, 1984, 1996, 2002). The country with the second most host cities in that time is Canada with their hosting of the 2010 games in Vancouver. It will be Canada’s second time hosting since 1980 (1988, 2010).

While the U.S. and North America can boast hosting more games than anywhere else, the entire continent of South America has never once hosted the Olympics (this leaves Africa as the only continent who has yet to host). It seems like a shame that it took the IOC to be fair to an entire continent to give them the economic boost that comes with hosting the games. Not only does the country get an economic boost, but being able to put on a show for the rest of the world is a point of pride for a country. Brazil will undoubtedly be thrilled at this opportunity, and it is not like they don’t have star athletes to put on display with the world’s focus on them. Athletes like soccer star Ronaldino, and an outstanding Volleyball Team.

Finally, Rio de Janeiro deserved to host the Olympic Games because it is going to be an exciting place to watch the games. Sure, Chicago is a sports city… but lets face it; Chicago can be a hot muggy place in the middle Summer. Rio gives the athletes a better climate to compete in. The month of August is the Southern Hemisphere’s winter and because of Rio’s warm tropical climate, the average temperature is around 80 degrees.

Thank you IOC for not being starstruck in your decision making and giving the 2016 games some more excitement already with the fanfare surrounding your excitement. You made the right choice.

Hello world!

September 24, 2009

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